Bringing to you weekly comprehensive news and highlights of the Crypto and NFT Market!

News Headline 1: India Calls on G20 to Bring Crypto Within Global ‘Automatic Exchange of Information’ Framework.

News Headline 2: The Paraguayan senate greenlighted a cryptocurrency bill that defines several rules that companies and individuals ..

News Headline 3: Britain’s top financial regulator says the U.S. and U.K. will deepen ties on crypto regulation..

News Headline 4: The weekly Top-30 global trending coins are here Geckos!
This week, we see $MOVEZ on top with $EVMOS and $MATIC rounding out the top 3!

News Headline 5: Moving forward, the team is gearing up to launch an 11-part storyline game mode on the Metaverse platform.

News Headline 6: Viacom18 Studios partners with HeyHey! for NFTs.

News Headline 7: Shanghai Aims to Grow a $52 Billion Metaverse Cluster by 2025.

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That’s all folks! See you next week :)

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