Finminity is pleased to announce that the $FMT Liquidity Provider rewards program on Uniswap & PancakeSwap is commencing from April 30th at 00:00 AM UTC


  • Users who provide liquidity to $FMT/ETH & $FMT/BNB pair will earn $FMT token rewards via the that goes live April 30th, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
  • 30,000 $FMT tokens will be rewarded to
  • 20,000 $FMT tokens will be rewarded to
  • The rewards program will run for 2 months
  • All the Liquidity providers will share the rewards proportionally.

Steps to participate in the FMT LP rewards program?

Step 1: Visit: Uniswap and connect your wallet using MetaMask. Provide liquidity…

Pancake Swap, one of the most popular BSC dApps out there is now migrating to its second version (V2).

As announced by PancakeSwap in its , the team has asked for all Liquidity Providers to upgrade to the PancakeSwap V2 update, including $FMT BEP-20. This upgrade will provide users with many benefits. To learn how to do so, follow the steps in the image below:

As so, we are also urging our token holders who are providing liquidity for the $FMT BEP-20 token on PancakeSwap to move from the V1 pool to the V2 pool.

With this in mind…

Hello community!

After reading the community feedback on our Snapshot period, we have decided to make some changes.


  • It is mandatory for the user to hold FMT Tokens for the entire period of Snapshot.
  • Any user joining in between won’t be eligible to take part in the first IDO.
  • To qualify for a tier, we calculate the frequency of days the Token holder was in the tier to see if it is more than 51% of the period (please refer example).
  • Snapshot will be taken everyday at 00:00 UTC.

Start Date: 20th April, 00:00 UTC

End Date: 30th April, 00:00 UTC


Tier Finalization — A scenario for one…

Hello supporters!

We have read each valued feedback provided to us, and we appreciate the time you have taken out to make Finminity better for the community.

The team has worked tirelessly behind the finalization of the Tier model based on the suggestions given in the form, and we promise we have heard you!


More than 80% respondents are satisfied with our initial model, but we have come across some important suggestions that we have incorporated.

The following is the process-

IDO Contribution

- Bronze, Silver and Gold Tiers will be allotted 15%, 35% and 50 % respectively out of…

Finminity is excited to announce Finminity Bridge, an easy to use lightweight Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain for its token ($FMT) as well as projects and teams wanting to make their tokens cross-chain across ETH, BSC.

Bridge URL-

FMT ERC20 Contracts Address: 0x99c6e435eC259A7E8d65E1955C9423DB624bA54C

ERC20 Bridge Address: 0x0CB5b73D1c4ca844a05856f50Ee8Df8E50b867a0

FMT BEP20 Contract Address: 0x99c6e435eC259A7E8d65E1955C9423DB624bA54C

BEP20 Bridge Address: 0x0CB5b73D1c4ca844a05856f50Ee8Df8E50b867a0

User Experience

User experience is a high priority during the use of the bridge and we have kept the process and UI simple to ensure seamless token swapping between chains.

Through Metamask Connect Wallet, connect to a specific network and your tokens will be displayed…

First of all, a big thank you to our community for supporting us in such large numbers in the sale participation process on MantraDAO’s Zendit and Zeroswap’s ZeeDO. We can’t emphasize enough on how much we value your support. As a result of our appreciation and your feedback, we have decided to make the Public Sale tokens 100% unlocked for you to trade.

As a full investor services platform with imminent IDOs coming up, we would like you to hold on to FMT through which you will be able to take part in the upcoming launches and liquidity staking programs…

$FMT will go live on ZENDIT on April 7th at 12:00 PM -1:00 PM UTC!

Finminity is pleased to the launch of its project on ZENDIT, powered by MantraDAO! We are excited to provide Finminity Community and MantraDAO Sherpas the details for the FMT token offering and instructions to whitelist for participation! We want to thank the MANTRA DAO team for their support as we officially kick-off Finminity on ZENDIT!

Whitelist Closes & Snapshot Taken simultaneously on April 1st, 2 AM UTC

Pool Opens on Wednesday, April 7th at 12:00 PM -1:00 PM UTC!

Participation Tiers

Finminity Supporters and MantraDAO Sherpas who meet these participation requirements will be eligible to enter the highest participation tier they qualify for on a per-wallet basis. One wallet can only participate in one tier and cannot participate in multiple tiers.

The participation tiers for…

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of $FMT Token Private Sale supported by Industry heavyweights. A total of $1.13 Mn has been fully subscribed during the funding round by the following investors:

· X21 Digital

· GBV Capital

· Magnus Capital

· Lotus Capital

· BlockSync

· GenBlock Capital

· Wandarin Capital

· Momentum6

· Faculty Capital

· Amesten Capital

· Vysyn Capital

As investors cum partners, they support us in our journey to bring more vetted projects and platform partnerships to drive Finminity being the preferred investor engagement DeFi app of the blockchain world .


As we move into the new year, I would like to thank our community for the support and wishes towards Finminity, helping us to remain strong and keep working hard on the project as per the roadmap.

As you may know, our Presale through LID Protocol on 12th November 2020 was cancelled, and through LID’s refund function, the contribution was reverted to all investors. As the market condition was not good together with LID not allowing us an extended presale time, we considered calling it off.

With undeniable grit, we have kept working on the project and have onboarded X21…


Campaign: Finminity Meme Challenge

Name: Battle of FMT Memes

Date: 5th March — 10th March

Prize: Whitelist in IDO and up to $500 Worth FMT Tokens

Location: Twitter and Telegram

Do you have the ability to make people laugh? Are you a crypto enthusiast looking to grab tokens of one of the hottest Cross Chain Investor Services Platform while providing the talking points and engagement within the community? If yes, we…


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