Polygame ($PGEM) IDO Participation Process on Finminity ($FMT)

2 min readMar 9, 2022


We are pleased to announce our upcoming IDO, Polygame, a premium decentralised e-sports streaming, NFT and fan tokens ecosystem built on the Polygon blockchain

KYC registration is open so we encourage you to register and complete your KYC beforehand to avoid last minute rush. Please remember, KYC is a one-time activity and one KYC is good for all eligible IDOs on Finminity. If you’ve already completed your KYC, you’re good to go.


  • It is mandatory to hold FMT Tokens in a single wallet (both BSC and ETH chain tokens held in a single wallet will be used for the entire period of Snapshot).
  • Users need to hold $FMT during the Snapshot Period
  • Please take a note of eligibility rules for Tier Holding below.

Start Date: 9th March, 2022 ~ 8:30 AM UTC

End Date: 11th March, 2022 ~ 11:59 PM UTC

Get your $FMT Tokens from

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x99c6e435ec259a7e8d65e1955c9423db624ba54c

PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x99c6e435ec259a7e8d65e1955c9423db624ba54c

Eligibility Rules:

1. You have to hold FMT token (ETH + BEP combined) during the qualifying period, i.e., 9th March to 11th March. Otherwise, your final tier will be marked as ‘Disqualified’ and you cannot participate in the IDO.

2. Your final eligibility tier is the tier where you held FMT token for more than 50% of the time during the qualifying period. For example, to be qualified in Gold tier, you must hold more than 2000 FMT tokens during the qualifying period.

3. Individual Tier holding criteria:

A. Bronze Tier — holding up to 500 tokens.

B. Silver Tier — more than 500 and up to 2000 tokens

C. Gold Tier — holding more than 2000 tokens

Tier Allocation

Once the Snapshot period is over, you can login to the Finminity app to check your Tier and proceed with the next steps.

We would request you to maintain your target Tier throughout the period, preferably.


The following is the tire-wise personal allocation for those who participated in the Snapshot:

A. Gold Tier: $250 to $5000

B. Silver Tier: $250 to $2500

C. Bronze Tier: $250 to $1000

About Finminity

Finminity is an innovative analytics driven cross-chain DeFi investor services platform that is flexible, rewarding, and most importantly provides value added services like IDO analytics and Sentiment Tool for crypto community.

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About Polygame

Polygame is a mobile game with over 1 million users that offers streaming, NFT and fan token exchange. It allows gamers to create NFTs, create and trade their fan token and interact with fans & creators in real time.

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