Bringing to you weekly comprehensive news and highlights of the Crypto and NFT Market!

News Headline 1: Polygon Joins Solana in Bringing Web3 to Smartphones

News Headline 2: Australia is about to play a matchpoint for crypto regulation, but as friendly as its lawmakers seem to be towards digital assets, the ball might not fall inside the field.

News Headline 3: Meta, the social media and tech company that pivoted to metaverse tech, has announced a series of actions designed to help it..

News Headline 4: Geckos! The Top-30 global trending coins are here!
$LUNA on top with $EVMOS and $CEL rounding out the top-3!

News Headline 5: Singapore’s central bank has told Parliament it is “carefully considering the introduction of additional consumer protection safeguards”

News Headline 6: NFT and Web3 gaming console to launch in 2024, Chinese firms to check ID for NFT buying, and more.

News Headline 7: Bitmark Raises $5.6M, Launches Interoperable NFT Wallet.

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