Finminity’s Journey — From CEO’s Desk

3 min readMar 3, 2021

As we move into the new year, I would like to thank our community for the support and wishes towards Finminity, helping us to remain strong and keep working hard on the project as per the roadmap.

As you may know, our Presale through LID Protocol on 12th November 2020 was cancelled, and through LID’s refund function, the contribution was reverted to all investors. As the market condition was not good together with LID not allowing us an extended presale time, we considered calling it off.

With undeniable grit, we have kept working on the project and have onboarded X21 Digital and Lester Lim as Strategic Partner to Finminity. With his guidance and advice, we have been well connected with a strong supporter base, an ecosystem of companies, and the provision of ongoing platform enhancements.

There are quite a few platforms that are helping to raise funds through crypto, but with raising funds comes i) investor engagement and ii) post-investment services and a host of associated activities so that investors' interests are kept in priority. Very few are interested to cover the entire gamut but as regulations become more stringent, these 2 areas will get more prominence.

We are the only platform that covers the aforementioned 2 activities in addition to our business of crypto fund-raising through cross-chain DApp using both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our cross-chain governance is managed by one of the best blockchain platforms — Polkadot.


As you can see in our Telegram and Social Media posts, we have made our investor services platform ready for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This is already live at

For DeFi investors, Staking and Yield is important and to that effect, we will be able to complete our Staking platform by April 2021. More about these can be found in this Medium Article.

In addition, our current Finminity DAO that has been programmed on Solidity, will be ported to Polkadot so that we can get the benefit of cross-chain interoperability and DeFi services like staking, voting, and escrow fund release without burning a hole in the user’s wallets for gas prices. The Polkadot enhancement will be done by end of Q2, 2021.

A large number of companies have shown interest in using our platform, especially the Binance Smart Chain Launchpad DApp. We will be selective and choose only a few that pass our due diligence. As you know, it's only one bad apple that can spoil the whole bunch, so we need to use our rug pull safe functions in the best possible way to keep investors safe. Our knowledge of running crowdfunding under regulatory supervision has given us this knowledge like no other.

Just a word of caution — anybody can create a Token in Unsiwap — we have not issued any token from Finminity to any investor address. Token in Uniswap with the name FMT are scam tokens and should not be bought.

We will be back with our finalized sale date soon. Thank you all for believing in us!

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