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After its incorporation and launch in the crypto community in September, Finminity team has worked on the project to bring more DeFi functionalities and made the platform attuned to the new DeFi tech levers that the crypto community loves. We have been able to do these pivoting easily because our software, powered on the Azure and Alibaba cloud, had all the basic framework for the improvements — be it in terms of frontend, DApp, or the Blockchain smart contracts. We will be coming out with 3 series’ of articles about our journey, improvements, and differentiation of Finminity, the first article being ‘how Finminity has integrated Staking into its business model for its community to benefit from’.

Before we talk about the innovative Staking model of ours, we would like to give you a brief introduction about Finminity and what is the overall goal we have in terms of bringing a holistic but not very complex DeFi model into our core offering.

Finminity now is an innovative Polkadot driven cross-chain launch pad and DeFi investor services platform that is flexible, rewarding, and most importantly secures funds through DeFi safety protocols of Value Locks, DAO, and Milestone based fund release.

Finminity brings ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) launchpads for our curated startups to do the token offering. This provides a larger and diverse investor base and access to the two best networks that DeFi offers now.

The Finminity token & investor community services are powered by Polkadot for Know Your Business (KYB), DAO, Staking, Voting, and Governance process. While we have the current DAO in Solidity and Ethereum, we have also started to build it in Polkadot.

With Finminity (FMT) cross-chain launchpad, SMEs can raise funds in a decentralized manner from a community of investors. It is enabled by a DeFi Token Engine which creates regulated tokens on ERC 20 or ERC 1404 for companies that are raising funds. It also has its internal governance and inbuilt decentralized Investor Services Platform powered by Finminity DAO for permissioned investor voting for resolutions and statutory obligations.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the Staking Functions that Finminity has integrated into its business model.


Within the Finminity Smart and Rewarding Token Offering Ecosystem, you can earn through Staking in ways that are embedded within our business model to grow your tokens as well as manage inflationary pressures. For the 3 months after our token sale, as a special thanks to our token holders, we will provide them access to a high APY and VIP Staking pool. There will be a Traditional Staking Pool for our token holders who buy our tokens from the secondary market and who will hold more than 5000 FMT tokens in the Staking Pool.


The FMT Staking supporters will have the following benefits -


FMT Token holders will get an Early Supporter Slot and a preferred price for all token launch in our launchpad. With the FMT Tokens staked, you can Invest in all the Token Sales in Finminity as a preferred investor, before it is opened to public sale


Yield Farming is integrated into our business model. The amount you invest is not given to the company right away. It is kept in the Escrow by Custodian Contract and you receive interest on that amount based on your staked tokens. For the contribution that will be released to companies based on Milestones, interest earned on the held amount is distributed every quarter to the FMT token holders.


Token holders who have staked their tokens will get governance rewards. As companies put resolutions for Voting (e.g. Payment Milestones, Decisions), FMT token holders can contribute to the governance and vote using Finminity DAO earn and receive more company tokens. (e.g. voting for product release payment milestone is checked by Stakers and in turn get company tokens for their community contribution)


Integrated Liquidity Pairs in Uniswap provides ongoing token demand and appreciation. Every company doing token sale has to set aside fixed liquidity of Finminity token pairs when listing on exchange, thereby ensuring a constant demand of FMT tokens. Every company that comes into Finminity for token generation & funds raise needs to have 15% of their Uniswap liquidity in FMT Tokens, thereby driving a constant demand and pump of FMT tokens.

FMT tokens are released at 10% every month for our team, foundation, and ecosystem — this is for safety so that the team works on the project over the period and does not abandon it in between.

We provide assurance against rugpulls as we do Know Your Business (KYB) check and Due Diligence for companies onboarding. We also do Milestone achievement-based money releases keeping the investor’s contribution safe!

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