Finminity X Polygame IDO Partnership

Finminity is pleased to announce the upcoming IDO of Polygame, a premium decentralised e-sports ecosystem built on the Polygon blockchain.

Polygame has designed an ecosystem around fan tokens, an NFT marketplace, and its own $PGEM Token, allowing users to play, compete, possess and earn within one platform, and all of this was possible to achieve through the empowerment of Web3.

Participation process of Polygame IDO on Finminity will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

About Finminity

Finminity is an innovative analytics driven cross-chain DeFi investor services platform that is flexible, rewarding, and most importantly provides value added services like IDO analytics and Sentiment Tool for crypto community.

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About Polygame

Polygame is a mobile game with over 1 million users that offers streaming, NFT and fan token exchange. It allows gamers to create NFTs, create and trade their fan token and interact with fans & creators in real time.

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