Finminity LP Rewards Program

Finminity is pleased to announce that the $FMT Liquidity Provider rewards program on Uniswap & PancakeSwap is commencing from April 30th at 00:00 AM UTC


Steps to participate in the FMT LP rewards program?

The process is same for Binance Smart Chain when you connect with the BSC Wallet in Metamask for which you have put Liquidity in Pancakeswap.

Step 2: If you have provided LP in Uniswap — you will be able to see the LP tokens in the max amount, just below the entry box. From there, you can choose the number of tokens you want to contribute to the LP program. Once you input the number of LP tokens that you want to stake, click on Approve.

Step 3: Metamask will start a transaction to Approve the Tokens you want to Stake.

Step 4: Once the approve transaction is done, please come back to the staking page to stake the 100 LP tokens. Input 100 and press Stake. Again, Metamask transaction needs to be submitted.

Step 5: Staking successfully done!

Step 6: You can view how much LP you have staked and how much FMT rewards you have received. You can view your APY as well. You can withdraw LP or profit or both.

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