Who are the Finminity Customers?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an industry revolution of shorts as new-age startups are coming up and real-world companies are struggling to survive.

Innovative technology & service companies have started their wings, but they need funding whereas VC’s and Angels are not opening their purse in an uncertain environment.

The government is pumping funds and creating initiatives to make these startups successful while supporting running companies with loans and furloughs to exist and survive.

While there are financiers for late-stage deals, there is evidently less angel network support to make a living and breathing ecosystem of startup to grow, prosper during the early stage and move to the next level. Especially now.

We plan to bridge the gap while making entrepreneurs successful in this new world and be the blockchain-based investment bank with the crowd as VC.

FINMINITY — The first DeFi Investment Bank on Blockchain, for Startups and SMEs

The customers of Finminity are :


Companies that want to raise funds against tokens


Investors who are stuck with asset and tokens and would like to sell them for liquidity.

Crowdfunding Operators

Crowdfunding Operators who would like to use Tokens to provide differentiation from the traditional platforms.

Venture Capital 
 & Angel Investors
Venture Capital & Angel Investors

Use the platform to buy portfolio company tokens and privately transfer when required.

Traditional Investment Banks

Provide buy sell services of company’s tokens through the platform with clear commission structure

Legal & Statutory Service Providers

Compliance dept. who need to provide Valuation, Dividend Distribution, & Investor Voting services

In the world of Decentralized Finance, we are the bridge builder of real-world capital market needs of startups and SME’s and how that can be solved through Blockchain-based decentralized services aligned to Investor protection and regulatory compliance.

We focus on decentralized technology to solve the problem rather than focusing on DeFi buzzwords and paradigms. Regulated DeFi — that’s what we are!

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Contact :+356 355 05395


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Making Fund Raising affordable for Startups and SMEs while managing investor risk through Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Blockchain.