Finomena — New Art of Blockchain Analytics by Finminity

2 min readAug 30, 2021


Lacking a comprehensive analysis of the market?

Looking for insights on companies to make an investment?

Want to get a detailed report about upcoming IDOs?

Finomena, the Analytics Offering from Finminity, helps crypto supporters like you with all the above.

Finomena research team leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools to bring you industry-leading analysis and market insight.

With a comprehensive market dashboard, curated company reports with in-depth analysis done by the experienced researchers and subsequently a Crypto Data Marketplace with an AI tool that helps you to Do Your Own Research with Predictive Analytics. Companies can use APIs to subscribe as well to the data.

How is Finomena different from others?

We offer fundamental research with thematic views, ideas and new happenings across a wide range of crypto assets. The reports we provide spans across both fundamental and technical analysis metrics like:

· Company Background

· Industry Analysis

· Founders and team evaluation

· Technical Maturity

· Tokenomics

· Community and network score

· Market Trends

· Social Media Sentiment Analysis

With the insights produced by Finomena, you can uncover new ways of answering fundamental questions across sectors, domains and different types of crypto asset classes.


Every week, Finomena will bring you actionable insights, informing and educating you about possible market opportunities as well as unpacking the most recent companies that have come into crypto space with a good potential.




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