Finminity x One Ring Finance Private Sale

We are pleased to announce the upcoming private sale on Finminity of One Ring Finance, a multi-chain cross-stable yield optimizer platform.

One Ring searches through multiple chains such as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Avax for the best yields possible for the user deposits.

One Ring’s Private Sale is scheduled on 5th January, 2021, on Finminity platform.

Stay Tuned for more updates.

About Finminity

Finminity is an innovative analytics driven cross-chain DeFi investor services platform that is flexible, rewarding, and most importantly provides value added services like IDO analytics and Sentiment Tool for crypto community.

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About One Ring

One Ring is a Multi-Chain Cross-Stable Yield Optimizer Platform, which enables users to find the best farms without spending hours searching for them.

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