Finminity ($FMT) Snapshot Schedule and Rules

Hello community!

After reading the community feedback on our Snapshot period, we have decided to make some changes.


  • It is mandatory for the user to hold FMT Tokens for the entire period of Snapshot.
  • Any user joining in between won’t be eligible to take part in the first IDO.
  • To qualify for a tier, we calculate the frequency of days the Token holder was in the tier to see if it is more than 51% of the period (please refer example).
  • Snapshot will be taken everyday at 00:00 UTC.


Tier Finalization — A scenario for one Token holder

So, as the user holds $FMT for 3 days (27.3%) in Bronze, 7 days (63.63%) in Silver and 1 day (9.1%) in Gold, he will be eligible for Silver Tier.

Once the Snapshot period is over, we will announce when to login to the Finminity app to check your Tier and proceed with the next steps.

We would request you to maintain your target Tier throughout the period, preferably.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refrain from using the Finminity.Finance application for the time being, as we are doing some final changes on it. You may start using it after we announce it on our social channels and Telegram. Once it is available, you will be able to do the KYC and also check your Snapshot and Tier (after 1st May). If someone has already done KYC, he doesn’t have to do it again.

Thank you!

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