A sneak peek into our new AI tool for the crypto space.

3 min readAug 15, 2021

Finminity recently conducted a Treasure Hunt Quest that garnered unexpected interest and participation. This Quest, created by the Finminity team, was based on a game-changing crypto AI Tool (under development), an addition to our existing services, except this is like no other.

Currently, to keep a track of the status of each emerging crypto project typically means manually gathering data from a numerous number of online sources and still leaving one with some degree of uncertainty on the authenticity of information. Even as this seems to be the only feasible option, the process is not only time consuming, but a complex task that very few investors are willing to do.

For example, every post tells investors to “Do your Own Research” but the actual insight that can be gathered from this data-collection effort can be done only by research analysts. Even if normal investors would like to do that, they don’t have a framework for the research and a lot of one’s precious time is lost, yielding incomprehensive analysis ! Most data available in portals like ICODrops provide only publicly available data but no insights and analytics.

While Finminity provides a platform for conducting cross-chain IDOs along with 360* IDO services support, it feels that is necessary to bridge this BIG Analytics gap in the DeFi space where Analytics meets Blockchain and IDO.

What’s that BIG gap we are talking about?

Availability of comprehensive IDO data!

We want to help the crypto community to make informed decisions on their investments by cutting down on their research time by 90% and upping their confidence by a 100%!

Brought to you by experienced researchers and analyst experts in the DeFi industry, the AI data comprehensive tool will enable investors to view raw data that is analysed for quality insight, providing them with an overall score, sentiment and risk taking. The roadmap will evolve from

1. Investor reports and dashboard

2. DIY Insight Generation by Investors themselves

3. AI engine generating suggestions, what if analysis, trends, and insights about the market and its sub segments

4. Transaction Analytics, pattern analytics and anomaly detection.

Crypto data services and analytics has seen massive demand in 2021 as everyone wants to gather factoids on their favorite crypto assets. Bitcoin.com News recently reported on the crypto firm Messari raising $21 million in a financing round whereas Dune Analytics raised $8 million in a Series A from Union Square Ventures only a few days back.We feel that Finminity as an investor services platform could make crypto data accessible and generate insights out of it using AI and ML technique and is well positioned to catch the trends while providing invaluable services to its community and as well as companies who are looking for insights.

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